06 November 2011


Please forgive my lack of posts over the last week or so! A trip to Venice followed by Brussels for work and various other things have left little time to go out and get some photos! I'm posting one I took a while back from the ruins of Wolvesey Castle where the Bishops of Winchester used to live, with the residence of the current Bishops just peaking over the right side of the ruins.

Normal service at the blog will resume shortly!


  1. Welcome home.
    Both are beautiful.

  2. Venice then Brussels hope you got some photo's.

  3. I'd forgotten Winchester was the ancient capital of England. I wish we had much, much more information of those early centuries.

  4. Very evocative, always easy to lose yourself in photos of ruined buildings!

  5. Never been to Venice but I do like Brussels. Its all beer and skittles..
    The trick is to take lots of photos on any nice free day that you get. I now on average take rather more than 1,000 per month.